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Sink your toes into Sugar Soft Sands at Tiamo Resort.


Situated on the Out Island of Andros, Tiamo Resort has 11 beachfront villas with four room categories to choose from. The Pool Villa is a favorite and overlooks magnificent sunsets at the far end of the resort. Andros Island is very underpopulated so Tiamo Resort feels like a private island even though it is on the mainland. The menus are rave-worthy featuring Bahamian-styled international dishes by a local chef praised throughout social media. You will never eat the same plate twice!

As small-island natives, we will be the first to tell you that rains never stay as they seem to skip over us in the afternoon. That makes for amazing year round weather on Tiamo Resort and a stay filled with great diving, snorkeling and kayaking adventures off the world’s third largest Barrier Reef. Fishing is a must both in the shallows for Bonefish or the ‘Tongue of the Ocean’ for big game fish like Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Wahoo. Bring your catch to the chef and he will be more than happy to prepare it.

You can take your significant other, friends or family but don’t forget to bring your sense of adventure.

Tiamo Resort Seaplane
Tiamo Resort Seaplane Arrival

Tiamo Resort  Highlights:

Beach: accessible directly from villa  Cuisine: Bahamian | international

Accommodation: secluded beach villas Tech Savvy: iPod docking | wifi

Staff: friendly | non intrusive | multilingual

Gym Activities: kayaking | diving | bone-fishing | blue holes

Rooms: en suite bathroom | plunge pool | sunset view

Island Bwoy Tips:

Arrival by Seaplane will set the tone for your stay. Bone-fishing is a must in this part of the Bahamas


From $480 USD per person | per night | double occupancy

Includes breakfast | round trip airport transfers | in-room safe | bathrobe

Rates listed here are subject to change and represent low season pricing.


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