The 5 W’s of Travel

Who we are makes us the best choice for planning your next travel experience. We either live in or have traveled the very destinations you seek to visit. Who you are, is a discerning traveler who knows that luxury is not a privilege for a select few. To us, it is a level of service and quality that can be had by anyone who seeks it. Your holidays are tailored to suit you and are more than just sand, sun and sea; it’s the people you meet along the way that cement your experiences and make them lasting memories. We have the best customer service and are reachable 24 hours a day. That makes us who we are.

What you get when booking with us is access to the best hotels, flights and service providers based on your travel history and preferences. You will also receive special offers on all your travel needs such as complimentary nights, airport transfers, discounts on flights, vacation and activity gear such as fishing rods. Sign up for free membership and get exclusive flash sales, concierge and last-minute deals.

When to travel depends on what you are looking for. Whether its fine cuisine, birding, bonefishing, diving or a destination wedding, we can help you decide the best dates.

Where to go next is up to you. Let us know where you have been and our interests.

Why book with us?

  • Expertise – we live here in paradise! Born and grown, which counts for more than a scheduled yearly visit like other services. Our Islands, Your Escape literally.
  • Travel Advocate – via our relationships we can negotiate the best rates and connect you with the best people who we travel and work with everyday to ensure the best tailored experiences as well as safe and efficient travel days.
  • Accessibility… before, during and after your trip you can reach us anytime. We will be there making sure promises made are kept.

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